Debra discusses her latest commission, Material Drawing, on ArtSake, a blog hosted by Massachusetts Cultural Council:

Debra on ArtSake

In March 2017, Facebook Boston commissioned Weisberg to create an 22-foot long tape installation for its corporate office in Cambridge. The installation, titled Material Drawing, is a permanent commission, and is part of Facebook Boston’s Artist in Residence Program 2017.













Working intuitively and embracing the unexpected are the core of Weisberg’s practice, using a variety of materials: torn, black inked rice paper, tape, wire dipped in pulp then coated in sand. The forms are twisted and layered into a highly textured whirlpool of pulsating energy. The fluidity of line, density of layering and a material presence emphasize the visceral nature of the surface and contour. They result in works that contain the expanding vitality of an explosive mass of energy struggling to hold the center still when the forces of nature prove too great. Weisberg’s work is rooted in drawing, including the 3-D work. Her dimensional work, which is made predominantly with paper-based materials, is similarly constructed to the structure of a drawing.

McIninch Art Gallery
2500 River Rd.
Manchester, NH
McIninch Art Gallery

Opening Reception and Artist Talk:  Thursday, February 23, 5:00 to 7:00pm

Dedee Shattuck Gallery is pleased to present Surface Appeal: Material Perception. This exhibition will showcase works that invoke the sense of touch through the use, or visual depiction, of texture or ambiguous material. Line, shape, and form can direct the imagination through representational or non-specific imagery, while texture often stimulates a sensory memory through one’s reaction to material. One’s awareness of texture and touch – and the spatial relationship between a material and one’s own body – becomes part of the overall aesthetic experience.

Dedee Shattuck Gallery
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Artists’ Reception: Saturday, July 9, 5:00 – 7:00 pm

On March 29, 2016, Globe Correspondent Cate McQuaid wrote:

“Sculptor Debra Weisberg builds forms up from lines, coating wire in sandy pulp and torn paper; her work has long had the quality of a drawing busting into space. At the same time, her sculptures echo nature, like the papery quality of a wasp’s nest or the shapes of the hardy, scrubby plants that grow on New England beaches.

In her show at Lesley University’s VanDernoot Gallery, “Fuerza,” made with plaster over wire mesh, looks like the wasted wing of a large bird, pitted and streaked with red and brown. The mostly black “Boosh” protrudes from the wall, knobby like coral, and seems to move tenaciously, branching here and there, listing to one side.

“Un(See)n Scape,” the showpiece of the exhibition, an installation of several such pieces, fills a large portion of the space. It feels like a forsaken beach with rocky outcroppings, and seaweed and detritus washed ashore. Thickets of tangled, coated wire poke up or hug the ground. One hangs on the wall like a dark, snarled moon, making the scene surreal and foreboding. It seems to move and open like tumbleweed, trailing strands behind.

With this work, Weisberg takes the drawing element of her work to a new level, crafting a landscape.”

See the review here.

The work in Debra Weisberg’s “Mermeros” (“causing anxiety; mischievous”) spans over 15 years and highlights the artist’s long inquiry with improvisational drawing as the foundation for sculpture in which the imagery emerges in collaboration and in resistance to materials. How does the unexpected translate into abstractionism which triggers memories of imagined scapes? She is very excited to use this opportunity to show some older works that have never been shown before and place them in conversation with newer work, including a larger re-configured version of (un)Sea(n) Scape, originally shown at The Museum Complex in Duxbury.

From an educational standpoint, Weisberg hopes this exhibition will provide students with a fruitful and meaningful conversation on maintaining a long term studio practice and keeping an idea fresh over decades.

Opening reception: Thursday, March 24, 6-8pm

University Hall Gallery
1815 Mass AveCambridge MA

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Debra Weisberg’s dimensional drawing (un)SEA(n) is made primarily from paper pulp covered wire, foam, sand, and polymer. The installation alludes to a Dystopian seascape and entropy in nature. The shadows created but the linear forms adds another layer of spatial illusionism into a volumetric space.


Debra will participate and exhibit her work at ivoh’s 2015 Restorative Narrative Summit: “Exploring Resilience Through the Media,” June 25-28 at the Peace Village in Haines Falls, NY.

Opening Reception, Nov.7 | Artist Talk, Nov. 19
I will be an artist in residence at Milton Academy.


As part of the 6th International Conference on Design Computing and Cognition, I will be presenting my paper, Material Drawing: Exploration and Connectivity.